Sunday, March 13, 2011

Found a new sunroof

Lucked out and found a nice roof panel from an 88 GTS in Idaho. Nice and rust free, straight and clean. Funny thing about this is that this roof was from a white GTS, then painted red and now back to white.

Now that is recycling!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Progress is being made

After several months of being dormant in the body shop, the Corolla is being brought back to life.

Back end was a bit cancerous so the welding has progressed well. Got the back apron stitched up quite well save for one big tumor on the back valence.

The sunroof panel however appeared to be a bit more of a problem. The little rust that poked through to the surface proved to be major cancer from underneath.

Thanks to the internet, within 2 hours I found a cancer free donor GTS in Idaho with an "perfect" sunroof panel that would be mine for a mere $75.00

And I found that the wrecking yard has a complete 88 GTS. Hmmmmm.