Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11, Back from the Spa

Car came back from the detailer, about 15 lbs lighter from all the dirt wedged in all the corners.

Broken tail light I found THE last one from the Toyota dealer. They found only one NOS in the US and it was the one I needed.

Cleaned up nice. Needed new plugs and air filter and such. Also needs new drivers door hinges as the door is sagging.

My friend asked me why I bought a Gremlin? Well kinda looks like one but sure doesn't drive like one!

Removed the rear tail light, and revealed 22 years of dust and debris. A little rust was peaking through which I detest! Whole car will be repainted to make sure there is NO rust anywhere.

Passenger door window and mirror didn't work. Took the panel off and found the mirror and window disconnected and the plastic shield wadded up inside the door. Sprayed off about 1.2 lbs of dust and chunks and the window and mirror works great.

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