Friday, October 1, 2010

Shell shock

Took the nose off the car to get to all the insides. Need to paint the A/C and oil cooler flat black along with the fan to make it look clean again.

No surprises other than the fender supports up front were made of tin foil and twisted at the first sign of distress.

There were A LOT of bolts holding the front and back bumpers on. Lots more than in today's cars.

While working on the car in the shop, my friend Maureen had her car rear-ended and towed to the shop.

2002 Mistubishi Lancer ES with not even 50k on it... low miles and clean. Totalled out at $6600 in damage for a $7000 car. Hard to find parts for these even after 8 years, even from the dealer!

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